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Simple patterns

Have you ever dreamed of being able to get a pattern file automatically from a technical illustration? We also had this dream. And we decided it's about time we do something about it!

Custom fit

Custom fit means you can get your pattern exactly in the measurements you like.
Automatic grading means you can get the patterns graded in many sizes.
We have a unique technology that does them both - neat! You can try it for free - very neat!

Automatic tasks

Here's a typical scenario: you have your style file ready, but someone else needs it in another format. You open your CAD system, and export the file.
Here's another one: You need to prepare a pattern card, or simply print all the pieces in the style. If your system has a 'create report' feature, your job is a little easier; if not - you need to type the information.
What's in common with the above examples?

They are all repetitive tasks that you probably find yourself doing on a daily basis. It's far from being a nightmare, but still, your life would be a little happier if you didn't have to do those things over and over again.
Well, one might ask, why not add some kind of button, that will send it to the task queue. However, here in simplePDM, we ask - Why bother clicking a button? Why not have the automatic tasks done automatically for you!
Each time you save a style file it will be converted to other file formats and the piece table information will appear to privileged users. You will no longer need to open your file just to export it or to check which pieces are there.


simplePDM goes to Hollywood

Watch the movie that explains what is simplePDM.
Making this movie was so much fun, we hope you'll enjoy it as well (make sure your speakers are on).

Case tracker

People make mistakes. They forgot to add a notch, they make the sleeve too short, etc'. In the old days you would send them an email letting them know about the mistakes. However this prevented from you and everybody else to know what's the state of those issues at any giving moment.
With the case tracker in place, simplePDM solves this problem. Simply create a case, connect it to another content such as a style, assign it to yourself or to your co-worker and that's it - now everybody knows what are their tasks.
If you want to see all the cases in your group, click on the My cases in the navigation menu.


simplePDM Bridge

You can upload and download content directly from your Windows directory, without the need to open your web browser. This simplifies the work flow as it saves you many repetitive steps. If you have OptiTex version 10 or higher the news for you are even better - simplePDM Bridge Installer will automatically install a special addon that will allow you to upload and download style files directly from OptiTex PDS! In other words, you won't need to open a single directory any more - just open a style file, work on that file and save it back to simplePDM.
Learn more in our wiki:

simplePDM bridge

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